Winter/Spring 2015 Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale!

We have so many exciting new litters planned and some amazing puppies left out of Buck and Aero! Our beautiful Labrador Retrievers out of Buck and Aero are ready to go into loving forever homes on January 30th, 2015. These puppies are exactly what we expected them to be. They are every bit as perfect as Buck and Aero’s last litter and they have really good size already, considering this was a litter of 11 puppies. Check out their litter page to see more pictures. We are also taking deposits for two upcoming litters! The first is our chocolate Lab puppies out of Buck and Meg, this will be Meg’s last litter with us, this will be Bucks last litter with us as well. Buck and Meg’s puppies always turn out so big, strong, and kind. Meg is very mellow and she passes that on to her puppies. The second litter we are expecting is a stunning dark fox red litter from Stella and Nix, this is a repeat breeding and these puppies are going to be the perfect example of a “fox red” in color. These puppies will hunt, show, and preform in obedience like nothing you have seen before! Please contact us if you would like to place a deposit or have any questions about our current or upcoming litters.

Here are a few of the Buck and Aero puppies that are still looking for loving forever homes. They are $1,200.00 each with limited AKC registration.

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Gray’s Rocky Top Meg

Meet Meg


Meg is a very smart well behaved girl. She comes out of some nice Candlewood lines and has a great bird drive, she is a pointing lab, but is also very well mannered and mellow. She does excellent out in the field. Excuse the photos, I snapped them with my phone as my website deleted her last photos, new photos to come!!! Her last litter was 11 pups. She is a yellow factored chocolate. We will be breeding her to Buck in September for a SUPERB litter of chocolates!!! they will have beauty and brains, as well as mega hunting drive!


Gray’s Rocky Top Meg (Meg)
Date of Birth: 08/16/2009
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Owner: MLK

Sire: Sir Master Sky Dog SR010417/04 09-04 Chocolate Sire: Candlewood’s The Dominator JH SN644133/03 06-01 Chocolate OFA24G AKC DNA #V75916 Sire: AFC Chugach Hills Jazz’s Rascal SF804194 06-94 Black OFA25G AKC DNA #V30958 Sire: FC AFC Jazztime SF019974 06-90 Black OFA26G Sire: AFC Trieven Classical Jazz SC608724 11-80 Black OFA25
Dam: Jumping Jessica II SD016385 05-86 Black
Dam: GMHR Beavercrest Stukagin Blue SD986846 05-88 Black OFA31 Sire: FC AFC Piper’s Pacer SC401308 11-79 Black OFA26
Dam: Girl Of North SC835571 01-83 Chocolate OFA42
Dam: Fox River Running Randi MH SN126643/11 08-99 Chocolate OFA31G Sire: NFC AFC Storm’s Riptide Star SM929642/01 01-94 Chocolate OFA24G OFEL65 AKC DNA #V55917 Sire: FC AFC Rippin’ Blue Thunder SE037057 08-86 Black
Dam: FC AFC Belle’s Star Emmy Lou SE805811 05-92 Black OFA24G
Dam: Lorken’s Hillview Gale Force SH SM969280/09 03-94 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force SF254302 04-92 Chocolate OFA24G
Dam: Aces Up SF979561 10-92 Black OFA29E
Dam: Candlewoods Sage Brush Sal SN351328/01 07-98 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky SF244412 03-90 Black OFA24G <Sire: FC AFC Canis Major’s River Bear SC272135 05-82 Black OFA24 Sire: NAFC FC AFC River Oak’s Rascal SA603599 07-71 Black
Dam: Shamrock Acres Juego De Azar SB348890 08-76 Black OFA27
Dam: Timberlane Samantha SD945898 05-86 Black OFA26 Sire: FC AFC Raider’s Piper Cub SB910683 08-78 Black OFA30
Dam: Timberlane Cinnamon SD130559 04-84 Chocolate OFA25
Dam: Candlewoods Ms Cadillac SN058849/01 02-96 Black OFA27G Sire: NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker SE249295 05-87 Black OFA24 Sire: NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho SB366285 08-75 Black OFA24
Dam: Candlewoods Delta Dash SC665592 10-81 Black OFA25
Dam: Phillips Creme De Cocoa SE413263 03-89 Chocolate OFA29G Sire: FC AFC Snake Eyes-Double Or Nothin’ SB763992 07-77 Black OFA24
Dam: Illini’s Echoing Maiden SC827578 10-82 Black OFA43
Dam: Dani Boyz For Koko SN767721/02 09-04 Chocolate Sire: Sunnyburke Mr Madison JH SN301009/08 03-98 Chocolate OFA24G AKC DNA #V63190 Sire: Rovin Cody Brown MH SF156884 07-90 Chocolate OFA24E Sire: Candlewoods Hi Rollin Hank SH SE082469 06-85 Chocolate OFA24G Sire: FC AFC Royal Oaks Something Super SB411863 04-77 Black OFA24
Dam: Unsinkable Molly Brown XXII SD001603 02-84 Chocolate
Dam: Duckponds Cristmas Misletoe JH SE205357 05-88 Chocolate OFA32E Sire: Woodstock Brown Bear SC436993 09-80 Chocolate OFA26
Dam: Longplain Juggs Of Duckpond SC721499 02-83 Chocolate OFA29
Dam: Diamond R Krugger’s Geni SF224584 10-89 Black OFA27G Sire: FC AFC Coot’s Black Kruggerand SC945429 12-83 Black Sire: Walla Walla Supercoot SB327856 10-79 Black
Dam: Walla Walla Wheatie SB648667 10-80 Black
Dam: Diamond R Sexy Sophie JH SD909101 04-86 Chocolate OFA24 Sire: Kokomo IV SC360115 05-84 Chocolate
Dam: Wenatchee SD550124 05-84 Yellow
Dam: Cocoa Rose Of Hanna Heights SN494075/04 11-00 Chocolate OFA28E Sire: Flying Taurus Of Surrey SM789460/02 11-92 Chocolate OFA44E AKC DNA #V150968 Sire: Mon Brun Klever Klu Of Surrey SD587865 09-83 Chocolate OFA27 Sire: FC AFC Mon Tour De Force SB308669 08-74 Black
Dam: Jamesteds Black Pepper SC640061 10-80 Black OFA32
Dam: Bird Busting Brandy SF312582 11-90 Chocolate OFA25G Sire: Candlewoods Hi Rollin Hank SH SE082469 06-85 Chocolate OFA24G
Dam: Sportwoman Of Raven SE006385 11-88 Chocolate OFA25
Dam: Black Diamonds Go For Broke SN220055/08 02-97 Chocolate Sire: CH Huntcrest Honorbright Beacon SF979128 04-92 Black OFA24E AKC DNA #V99098 Sire: CH Valleywood Skyrocket SE045777 01-86 Yellow OFA24
Dam: Huntcrest Revelry SF297755 11-90 Black OFA26G
Dam: Black Diamonds Chevy Ivxiv SN023243/09 04-95 Black OFA25G Sire: Riverbend Bo Didle Of Surrey SF359620 08-90 Yellow OFA24G
Dam: Black Diamonds Cajun Spice SM848779/02 03-93 Chocolate