Fox Red Lab Puppies

Winter Valley Labs Guarantee

Winter Valley Labs Guarantee


Your new puppy is guaranteed to be virus free for THREE business days from the date the puppy is received. Although we have done everything we can to prevent these things, parasites, worms, coccidia, giardia are all common problems in animals, especially young puppies. These can be treated; therefore, these are excluded from this guarantee. A visit with your own vet within three business days is recommended to confirm the health of your new puppy. If any parasites are found, treatment is the purchaser’s responsibility. Puppies are vet checked by our vet the week prior to going home.

Puppies commonly get stress diarrhea from changing environments and leaving their siblings and dam. This can also cause flare ups of cocci and giardia, you can put your new puppy on a probiotic given once daily to help settle the stomach, you can also give canned pumpkin (not pie filling) and plain yogurt, these can help get your puppy back on track. Otherwise a trip to the vet for metro and albon to help clear these things up. This is extremely common in puppies. 

It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the puppy fully at pickup. Puppies will not be refunded and vet bills will not be paid for things such as regrown dew claws, mismarks or anything non health related.

We recommend the buyer to maintain monthly heartworm and flea and tick preventative measures at the age indicated by his/her veterinarian.

This puppy/dog is not to be surrendered to an animal shelter or to be sold or given to another party without first notifying the breeder. In the event the buyer can no longer assume care for this puppy/dog, the buyer agrees to contact the breeder to assist in placing the puppy/dog or to arrange return to the breeder. This guarantee is only valid for the buyer listed below and is NOT transferable. No refunds will be given for puppies or dogs that are returned. 

This dog/puppy has a guarantee that the hips will not receive a grade of mild, moderate or severe hip or elbow dysplasia at 26 months of age from the OFA, or fail a CERF, or we will apply the full purchase price of your puppy toward the price of a replacement puppy of your choice from a future Winter Valley Labs litter. (Replacement puppy will be provided when available, or should you choose to wait, must be received within 12 months of notifying us.) If the replacement puppy has a higher adoption fee, you will be responsible for the difference. IF replacement puppy has a lower adoption fee, no refund will be made. Winter Valley Labs will not be responsible for any travel/shipping expenses (returning or receiving replacement puppy.) Replacement puppy will be considered final; no guarantee will be given on replacement puppy. OFA certification must be completed before 26 months of age. Only one replacement is allowed.

We also guarantee that your puppy will never come back as “Affected” for the following conditions at any point during its life: PRA/PRCD; EIC; CNM; DM; Cysturina :RD/OSD.  Our adults are genetically tested for these diseases; therefore, it is not genetically possible for your puppy/dog to be affected by them. If they were (with the positive test results as being “affected” from an OFA accepted testing laboratory,) a replacement puppy will be offered. No refunds will be given.

We do NOT guarantee anything other then what is covered on this guarantee. Genetic or not. If it is NOT listed here, then it is NOT covered. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO CASH REFUNDS EVER!! 

To qualify for a replacement puppy with our 26 month guarantee, all of the following conditions must be met: 

  • You received a statement from OFA stating that your dog received a grade of mid, moderate or severe hip dysplasia or level 1 2 or 3 elbow dysplasia, or failed a CERF. Or came back as “Affected” for EIC CNM PRA DM Cysturina or RD/OSD.
  • Dog has never been bred, even if puppies were not born or were not registered if produced
  • If you choose to keep your dog, he/she must be spayed or neutered. The original AKC papers must be returned to us, along with a signed statement from the vet with the date the spay/neuter was performed. If the dog is returned, AKC papers must be returned with the dog.
  • There must be no signs of injury, abuse, neglect, dog was not severely overweight, under weight and has not been used in agility, running, jumping or over exercised during their growth period of 24 months.
  • We will only honor x-rays that have been submitted to OFA. If your vet did not submit x-rays to OFA for an actual grade please ask them to do so. We will not honor guarantees if x-rays have not been submitted to OFA. Please ask your vet for a cd copy of the x-rays so that you can send the pictures of the x-ray to us at We MUST receive a copy of the x-rays, as proper positioning is VERY critical to the grading received on hips/elbows. Vets often do NOT properly position dogs for x-rays.
  • All the dogs vet records, x-rays, etc must be sent to my vet for her opinion before a replacement puppy will be considered.

Any signs of abuse or failure to follow the above conditions will void this guarantee. 

Claim for a replacement puppy shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by the following: 

  • A copy of this guarantee
  • If the buyer is not retaining puppy/dog, he/she must submit original AKC registration cerficiate, showing name of the original owner and must sign ownership back to the breeder.
  • OFA certification of hip/elbow defect as described above or
  • Written diagnosis by a qualified veterinarian or Lab.
  • If your dog has hip or elbow dysplasia we cover the costs of a replacement puppy, NOT the vet bills.
  • We do NOT Guarantee the color/temperament/behavior/personality of your Labrador at any time. We will NOT refund for mismarks, behavior problems, conformation flaws etc.

Name:_________________________ Phone:________________________Registration: __LTD_


Registration Number:  _________________       Gender: __________ DOB: ____________

Color: ________   Puppy Price:  _______    Microchip: _________________________________


Dams Name: ________   AKC Number:_______________

Sires Name: _________  AKC Number:________________

Buyers Signature: ______________________     Date:______________

Sellers Signature: _________________    Date:______________

  1. There are no other guarantees given, either stated verbally or implied with this dog/puppy.
  1. This guarantee will ONLY be honored to the ORIGINAL purchaser and is NON transferable.
  1. If at any time during your dog’s life you are unable to keep him/her, we will assist you in finding him/her a new home. If necessary, you may return him to us however no refund or replacement will be given.
  1. Winter Valley Labs Is not responsible for ANY vet expenses, OFA or any other expenses incurred by you, the buyer.
  1. We do NOT guarantee the temperament or color of your puppy/dog.



We are licensed and inspected by the state of Wisconsin license number: 289509-DS

Fox Red Lab Puppies

Please read over our FAQ as this will answer the majority of any questions.

Please read over our Health Guarantee

Our focus is on the English Lab breed. We breed English Fox Red Labs, English Black Labs, English Yellow Labs, English White Labs and English Chocolate Labs. Please contact us for more information on any of our wonderful English Lab puppies, or upcoming and planned litters! We will help you find the perfect puppy for your family!

All of our English Fox Red Lab puppies are vet checked with the vaccines that are needed and also wormed. They also have their dewclaws removed. If in any case a dew claw, or partial dew claw grows back, that will be the buyers responsibility to take care of, if they feel the need to do so. This can be done at the time of spaying or neutering. This is not a common thing.

All of our English Fox Red Lab puppies are currently being fed Purina Pro Plan Puppy-Chicken and Rice (Orange and black bag/savor variety). We strongly suggest keeping them on this food. If you feel the need to change, please keep them on a large breed puppy food. Please do some research on grain free diets with all the new information being released.

In nice weather, our English Fox Red Lab puppies are taken outside a few hours a day for some sunshine and introductions to all the outside sounds of vehicles, kids playing, lawn mowers, etc. They also have a small wading pool to swim in, and are visited by our adult dogs throughout the day.

In the winter months our English Fox Red Lab puppies make several short trips outside once they are 5 to 6 weeks old. Puppies are started on potty training, but are still just babies!

We update pictures every 1 to 2 weeks. We know this is an exciting time for families and everyone loves to see puppy pictures, but please do not ask for pictures. We do them as soon as we have time. Raising a litter (or multiple litters) of puppies is a lot of work and very time consuming. As always, the care of the puppies and our dogs and family is top priority.

All of our English Fox Red  Lab Puppies are placed with limited registration (Pet homes only) If you are looking for full registration (Breeding rights) Do not wait until pickup day to discuss this with us.

Fox Red Lab Puppies are picks are determined in the order we receive your deposit. For puppy pick up day we schedule buyers in order of how we receive the deposit for picking out and taking home your puppy. Pick up day is determined by the day the puppies are born. We ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment. If you are going to be more then 10 minutes late you then PLEASE let us know.

We are excited to work with your family to find the perfect addition to your family!


Be sure to check out our FB Page as well for additional pictures and videos of our fox red lab puppies! 

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Fox red lab puppies,

Fox red lab puppies,

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