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*After you pay your deposit please contact us to let us know!

All deposits are nonrefundable (We charge 5.5% sales tax & PP Fees)

Current English Yellow Lab Litters for Sale in Wisconsin

Check back frequently for exciting news on our next litters of english yellow lab puppies for sa

Upcoming English Yellow Lab Litters

Birch x Star English yellow labs- Deposit Order- Ready mid/Late August 2020

1st pick Male-EO          1st Pick Female-KL                

2nd Pick male-SGM         2nd Pick Female-PR                  

                3rd Pick Male-MG          3rd Pick Female-DW                           

       4th Pick Male- KP       4th Pick Female-AT                

Juniper x Chase - English Black & Yellow lab puppies- Ready late August 2020-DEPOSIT ORDER

            1st Pick Black Male- Reserved           1st Pick Black Female- RESERVED

2nd Pick Black Male-OPEN               2nd Pick Black Female-JL

3rd Pick Black Male- OPEN           3rd Pick Black Female-LO

1st Pick Yellow Male-HOLD           1st Pick Yellow Female-AH

   2nd Pick yellow male-Open       2nd Pick Yellow Female-GS

Kiwi x Chase MH- English Black & Yellow lab puppies-Ready early Sept-Deposit order

     1st Pick Black Male-JS              1st Pick Black Female-TE

2nd Pick Black Male-KC            2nd Pick Black Female-Open

3rd Pick Black Male-OPEN                 3rd Pick Black Female-Open 

  1st Pick Yellow Male-Open              1st Pick Yellow Female-Open

   2nd Pick Yellow Male-Open         2nd Pick Yellow Female-Open  



Scotch x Bantik-English Yellow Lab Puppies- DEPOSIT ORDER

1st Pick Male-OPEN        1st Pick Female-OPEN

2nd Pick Male-OPEN         2nd Pick Female-OPEN

3rd Pick Male-OPEN           3rd Pick Female-OPEN

1st Pick Black Male-OPEN        1st Pick Black Female-OPEN

2nd Pick Black Male-OPEN         2nd Pick Black Female-OPEN

3rd Pick Black Male-OPEN           3rd Pick Black Female-OPEN

1st Pick Yellow Male-OPEN          1st Pick Yellow Female-WM

2nd Pick Yellow Male-OPEN        2nd Pick Yellow Female-OPEN













Please read over our FAQ as this will answer the majority of any questions.

Please read over our Health Guarantee

Our focus is on the English Lab breed. We breed English Fox Red Labs, English Black Labs, English Yellow Labs, English White Labs and English Chocolate Labs. Please contact us for more information on any of our wonderful English Lab puppies, or upcoming and planned litters! We will help you find the perfect puppy for your family!

All of our English Yellow Lab puppies are vet checked with the vaccines that are needed and also wormed. They also have their dewclaws removed. If in any case a dew claw, or partial dew claw grows back, that will be the buyers responsibility to take care of, if they feel the need to do so. This can be done at the time of spaying or neutering. This is not a common thing.

All of our English Yellow Lab puppies are currently being fed Purina Pro Plan Puppy-Chicken and Rice (Orange and black bag/savor variety). We strongly suggest keeping them on this food. If you feel the need to change, please keep them on a large breed puppy food. Please do some research on grain free diets with all the new information being released.

In nice weather, our English Yellow Lab Puppies are taken outside a few hours a day for some sunshine and introductions to all the outside sounds of vehicles, kids playing, lawn mowers, etc. They also have a small wading pool to swim in, and are visited by our adult dogs throughout the day.

In the winter months our English Yellow Lab puppies make several short trips outside once they are 5 to 6 weeks old. Puppies are started on potty training, but are still just babies!

We update pictures every 1 to 2 weeks. We know this is an exciting time for families and everyone loves to see puppy pictures, but please do not ask for pictures. We do them as soon as we have time. Raising a litter (or multiple litters) of puppies is a lot of work and very time consuming. As always, the care of the puppies and our dogs and family is top priority.

All of our English Yellow Lab Puppies are placed with limited registration (Pet homes only) If you are looking for full registration (Breeding rights) Do not wait until pickup day to discuss this with us.

Puppy picks are determined in the order we receive your deposit. For puppy pick up day we schedule buyers in order of how we receive the deposit for picking out and taking home your puppy. Pick up day is determined by the day the puppies are born. We ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment. If you are going to be more then 10 minutes late you then PLEASE let us know.

We are excited to work with your family to find the perfect addition to your family!

Yellow Lab Puppies
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