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Black Lab Puppies for sale in Wisconsin


We have litters coming up that will be ready in AUGUST that we are taking deposits for!

Upcoming English Black Lab Litters

These litters are available for deposit. Please contact us for more information. All puppies are picked in deposit order. We have a couple of amazing English Black Labrador Retriever litters throughout the year. 


Whiskey x Bantik -Black & Yellow labs-Deposit list--All Reserved- Ready June 11th 2020

1st Pick Black Male-ZT              1stPick Black Female-JM

2nd Pick Black Male-EH            2nd Pick Black Female-LK

1st Pick Yellow Male-FH          1st Pick Yellow Female-PG

2nd Pick Male-Reserved                  2nd Pick  Yellow Female-AG

Waldo (Male English Black Lab Puppy)

Winston (Male English Black Lab Puppy)

Juniper x Chase- English Black & Yellow Labs-Deposit Order

            1st Pick Black Male- Reserved           1st Pick Black Female- RESERVED

2nd Pick Black Male- LA          2nd Pick Black Female-JL

3rd Pick Black Male- OPEN           3rd Pick Black Female-LO

1st Pick Yellow Male-Hold           1st Pick Yellow Female-AH

2nd Pick Yellow Male-Open           2nd Pick Yellow female-GS

Mika x Chase MH-English Black and Chocolate puppies- Deposit List Order


1st Pick Black Male- MM                                      1st Pick Black Female- CH

 2nd Pick Black Male-RG                                 2nd Pick Black Female-RT

3rd pick Black Male-OPEN                                      3rd pick Black Female-Open

1st Pick Choc Male-Open                                      1st Pick Choc Female-CM

      2nd Pick Choc Male-Open                                        2nd Pick Choc Female-KP

       3rd Pick Choc Male-OPEN                                      3rd Pick Choc Female-OPEN

Kiwi x Chase MH- English Black & Yellow to light red lab puppies-Deposit order

1st Pick Black Male- JS                                    1st Pick Black Female- TE

 2nd Pick Black Male-KC                                   2nd Pick Black Female-OPEN

3rd Pick Black Male-OPEN                             3rd Pick Black Female-OPEN

1st Pick yellow Male-Open                                      1st Pick yellow Female-WM

      2nd Pick yellow Male-Open                                     2nd Pick yellow Female-Open

Royal x Bourbon- English Black & Yellow lab puppies- Deposit Order

1st Pick Black Male-OPEN         1st Pick Black Female-OPEN

2nd Pick Black Male-OPEN          2nd Pick Black Female-OPEN

3rd Pick Black Male-OPEN              3rd Pick Black Female-OPEN

1st Pick Yellow Male-OPEN           1st Pick Yellow Female-WM

2nd Pick Yellow Male-OPEN               2nd Pick Yellow Female-OPEN

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